"Often the best stories aren’t when someone pulls one 180-degree turn, but when someone pulls 180 one-degree turns: the stories when someone experiences a slow and, at times indistinguishable evolution; the stories where a million tiny steps produce something so brilliant; the stories where perseverance and struggle go hand in hand."

Join us February 27 - March 1, 2014, for Bloom: a subtle 180. Let’s look at “the restoration of a broken generation with the life-changing power of the gospel."

Workshop Speakers

Qualified presenters speak in various workshops throughout the day.  Read more about each presenter here.

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Registration information:

If you are a part of an external university or college student group, and interested in attending, please contact Thomas Earl Rutzen (847-849-9102) directly. Thank you!

Or contact Cathy Weatherspoon at ctweatherspoon@taylor.edu.


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About NSLC

Bloom: a subtle 180

This idea is about our sense of spiritual revival and how it is not always a light through the clouds, 180-degree turn from not living for Christ to living all out for Him, but a lot of 1-degree turns to revive ourselves through the many life decisions that we make. Often times we don’t even see these decisions until after but when we look back, we see the changes God has made in us. We often talk about vulnerability as being a bad thing and how we don’t want to be vulnerable, but in order to even start to revive. God wants us to be vulnerable with him and with others to grow closer to Him, and we want to bring light to this through the conference. It is a slow and constant process, just like the blooming of a flower or a sunset, and it is so subtle that sometimes we don’t see the change but it does happen when we look back on these facts.

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